Love Letter

I cant believe we made it out of Boston with our hearts still in our chests.

Picture us in Davis square surrounded by 300 plus people rocking it so hard and everyone is dancing wildly and so up in our shit that we can barely see each other but somehow its all good and all the breaks come off perfectly. The drums hurt my ears all weekend long but I really had to plug my ears each time we stopped and the audience started to cheer!

Our workshop went well but maybe not as well as atlanta. it was a really different crowd in boston. mostly all of the attendees were marchers themselves. Plus we had half an hour less for our workshop and still tried to cram all the parts in thereā€¦ It still was great though and Rude Mechanical and BLO hosted a follow up discussion that night that helped keep the issues on the table.

we are of course more in love with BLO than ever and RMO (with their dance group Team Awesome) are super fabulous too.

I cant believe we made it out of boston with our hearts still in our chests.

Saturday night after dinner there was a few bands signed up to play in the hall just informally. we each played then started jamming together. at one point there were more than sixty musicians playing at the same time. I was crammed into the corner watching the other drummers like a cat and trying to pick up on the changes. the whole thing was just bangin and despite the crazy missed sleep from two overnight drives and hard floors.

Mark Dixon
Oct 2007