Love Letter

I have a declaration – I love Cakalak Thunder & each of you who comprise it.

Hey beamers,

A few Thanksgiving words from up Boston way, finally arrived after 12 hours yesterday on buses from D.C., after 8 hours of driving from the ‘boro to D.C. on Tuesday (after a weekend of travel to & from Georgia…all totaled, about 36 hours of ground transport in the past 6 days. Phew.) But it’s over now (or until Monday, that is), and I’m just gettin all grateful-ed up & wanted to send a quick note to my people down south.

On this (day after) Thanksgiving day, I have a declaration – I love Cakalak Thunder & each of you who comprise it. Let me count the ways.

For one, Ft. Benning has been stuck in my head. Both the event in its entirety, & our own experience there felt powerful. The people dancin’ all around, bangin’ on their buckets or bangin’ on their feet, marching into the street, looking what democracy looks like, screamin’ “una otra, una otra!” when our arms are about to fall off, or marching solemnly with such respect to the reams of people whose lives were stolen– some moving shit. I ain’t takin the beamin, boomin respect, y LA MUSICA flowin’ from our ragamuffin selves for granted. For real, y’all– we brought somethin’ fierce to that thing. On 3 hours of sleep–at best–on concrete, after some serious late-night highway driving, the happiness in that place that “Love Me Lifted” was tangible. Seriously. What is that all about.

If the community we are able to create with our music is any reflection of the strength of the community we have built amongst ourselves, I think folks’ responses are a testament to the fact that we are creating something magic together.

And, of course, for those who weren’t there, we all know that Ft. Benning is no exception – these sensations are not rare. When we go somewhere with our grooves & beats, it seems clear to me that the spirit of community, celebration, and general f-ing bad-assness is a reflection of the community that we have built amongst ourselves.

I thank each one of you for your work, fun-lovin’-ness, commitment, love & unique spirit that together forms such a force for those hearing us, an amazing asset to others in their work, and the transformative nature for those of us swingin’ beats, doin’ our little part in creating the world we wanna see. Y’all have changed my life, in ways little & not as little.

Miles de gracias,
con amor atronador,

Chelsea Simpson
Nov 27, 2009