Love Letter

Stay awesome and thank you for existing!

my dear beloved Cakalak thunder,

Thank you for having the patience to teach me drums and while I may not jive with rhythms and beats, I jive with you all, the folks who helped provide that education for me.

Thank you for teaching me some ways of collective decision making and facilitating.

Thank you all for creating, running, and continuing this space, it means a lot to me.

And finally, thank you all for being a phenomenal group of people, with phenomenal collective power and action, and phenomenal sharing.

As you might have guessed, it was phenomenal (great word) to get to know you all to the extent that i did, I will continue to learn from the many lessons from our time together. I hope this is not the end, I doubt that it is. Stay awesome and thank you for existing!

Endless Love Love Love!,
Oct 23, 2010