Love Letter

Heart song

More than anyone will ever know, cakalak is the new birth of my spirit. I have wept an ocean. I have laughed till my sides ached. I have reveled in memory. I came to you with my heart bleeding and you mended my wounds. You gave me place at a party that no one invited me too. I was allowed to sing my sadness without judgement, Hope to be more than I am by allowing me to serve. maybe, The presences of this group brought more to its members then to the public, but isn’t that the cleverness of it?

Damnit, Negs, I may never see you again, but you will live in my heart as a warrior. You are who I hope my girls grow to be. Never will that diminish. Your work means more to us all then you’ll ever be ever understand. Ellie has a love for percussion because of cakalak, my Littles have all had 6/8 played on their back since they were born, and the chance that you gave me to “call” the group will live with me as one the greatest moments I EVER had playing music.

I love you, forever. 

Whisper ohm
Dec 11, 2019